MIneral Bath Salts - Tuberose & Jasmine

For tired bodies and aching muscles, Wild Olive bath salts are a must have! Sourced directly from the Dead Sea, known for its healing properties, these salts are simply mixed with pure essentials (each with their own unique healing properties) to create a bath to help

sooth minds and leave the skin soft and moisturised. 

A delightful fragrance to perfume the bath and bring calmness relaxation and a sense of inner peace. Salts from the dead sea fragranced with tuberose,jasmine and orange oils.

Each pack comes with its own wooden scoop.

Simply put 2-3 scoops into a warm running bath and let them dissolve for a truly

relaxing bathing experience. 

Wild Olive Mineral Bath Salts- Tuberose & Jasmine

  • Stir your salts once a month to keep the packaging clean and tidy and to keep the oils well dispursed throughout the pack. 

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